UP TO $67,000

Of Northern Territory Government, Developer and Display Builder Incentives Available

Only at Northcrest

New Home Owner Build Bonus

The Territory Labor Government is boosting incentives making them the most generous in this country to make it easier for people to own their dream home.

The Territory Home Owner Bonus will create local construction jobs, build our population and support first home owners by increasing eligibility for people to own their own home in the Northern Territory.

The Territory Labor Government has announced a new home ownership package which will make the NT’s home ownership incentives the most generous and broadest in Australia.

The package delivers increased incentives for anyone building or buying a new home in the NT, while keeping generous incentives for an established home.

The suite of measures aims to retain current Territorians, while also growing our population through attractive incentives for those wishing to move to the NT.


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Only available at Northcrest

Receive extra incentives from the Developer and Northcrest Display Builders when you build a new home in Stage 1 (Limited number available).

Conditions apply please contact our Sales Office for more information.

Receive up to $30,000 of NT Government incentives if:

  • You are a First Home Buyer wanting to build for the first time.
  • You own a home in the Territory and want to build another.
  • You have never owned a home in the Territory and looking to build your first.

Plus – Receive up to $20,000 early start incentive from the Developer if…

  • You lay your house slab within 90 days of settling on your lot.


And – Receive a contribution to fencing, guttering and front landscaping if…

  • You choose to build your home in Stage 1 with a Northcrest Display Builder.

That’s a total of up to $67,000 towards your new home from the NT Government, Developer and Northcrest Display Builders!

Conditions apply please contact our Sales Office for more information.