Welcoming Sophia to Northcrest!


Northcrest – A great location for Fishos!

June was the month Sophia was handed the keys to her brand new home. Super excited to move in, she shared some of the reasons why Northcrest was the best choice for her.

“It’s a central location, takes us roughly 15 minutes in the morning to reach town with traffic, 5 minutes to Casuarina and 5 minutes to Palmerston. It’s close to three really good boat ramps that have great tidal access and its really easy to reach Crab Claw or Dundee for a day trip”.

“Northcrest is high and has great breezes throughout the day, we hardly use the air conditioner. It’s also a very quiet location. All the roads are very spacious unlike the other new developments where their roads are quite small, making towing a boat almost impossible”, Sophia said.

It is the perfect location for our lifestyle, to build our dream home.

Sophia built a three bedroom, two bathroom, four garage to allow for the big boat and two cars to fit in. It also features a beautiful pool. She is very happy with her home built by Tropical Lifestyle Homes.