Meet the Nguen Family – Northcrest’s Newest Residents


Living central has made travelling time for the Nguen Family a breeze!

New homeowners the Nguen Family collected their keys a few weeks back and they couldn’t be happier!

Our latest Northcrest residents opened up about why they decided to build in Northcrest.

“We saw many places and considered carefully when choosing a good place to build our dream home. We enjoy living at Northcrest because of its tranquil area and convenient location. We are centrally located to almost everything, which makes travel time a breeze” they said.

Northcrest is proud to partner with 10 local Darwin Display Builders “We went through Prestige Homes NT, our beautiful ground-level home had finished just after 4 months of construction”. 

“We can’t wait to see future developments in the area, such as public schools, supermarkets, and amenities in Northcrest”.

The next phase of the Development is busily underway, be sure to stay tuned!