Meet Aaron and Felicity Larsen!


Location was a major standout!

Northcrest residents, Aaron and Felicity Larsen moved into their Territory Build home just before Christmas. They have now had a month to settle in and kindly invited us in for a tour of their beautiful new home. Aaron and Felicity opened up to us about why they decided to build at Northcrest.

“We chose Northcrest because of the locality to everything Darwin has to offer.” Aaron said.

The Larsen’s built a three bedroom home with Territory Homes, a Northcrest Display Builder.

“We love living in Northcrest due to the new vibrant feel and seeing it develop every single day into a new community is great to see. We received the Government grant and it helped out so much towards the build process.” Aaron said. 

Stage 3 of Northcrest has nearly all sold. Speak to our Sales Manager, Rebecca Wescombe today about finding your perfect lot to start building your home!

The Larsen’s built a three bedroom, two bathroom, 2 garage ground level homeThis home “ allows a lot of natural light to follow through”  The Larsen’s explained.

They are super excited for the future plans of Northcrest, and for the construction to start.